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Little People's Preschool

Little People's Preschool is a paid-for service for children ages 2 - 5yrs old. Our program includes a comprehensive introduction 
to phonics and qualitative instruction. We have been successful in preparing early learners for transition into kindergarten. 

Christian environment: 

Our mission is to cultivate and nurture the growth and development of children in the community through a Christian-oriented program.

Personalized care : 
We believe we must nurture the whole child: spiritually, emotionally, physically, socially and academically.
We also believe that it is our responsibility to support family in their role as primary educators of their children.

Plenty of attention from staff: 
We believe quality learning experiences foster the natural learning abilities and young children.
Providing a safe, healthy and supportive environment that will nurture and encourage the child and aid in their transition from home to school.


Brochure Information > LIttle People's Preschool (PDF)

Curriculum Overview: 
PreSchool 1 - Development Classroom (2 year olds) - PDF
Preschool 1 - Development Classroom (2 & 3 year olds)  - PDF
Kindergarten Prep (PDF)

Contact Information: 
Exec Director: Drusila Lopez
Director: Rinna Cedillo
Phone: 510-489-8650 / Fax 510-489-6103

To Register: please call 510.489.8650 to set up an appointment with Rinna Cedillo. 

PreSchool 1 + 2 (Sept 2nd - June 12th) Tuition Costs: 
Preschool 1  Full Time (2 yrs old before Sept 1st)               $785.00 per month     (Pro-Rated June $357.00)
Preschool 2  Full Time (3 yrs old before Sept 1st)               $785.00 per month     (Pro-Rated June $357.00)
Preschool 1 & 2  - Half Day                                                      $440.00 per month     (Pro Rated June $179.00)

Kindergarten Prep (Sept 2nd - June 12th) Tuition Costs: 
Kindergarten Prep - Full Day  (4 yrs old by Sept 1st)            $785.00 per month   (Pro-Rated June $357.00)
Kindergarten Prep - Half Day  (4 years old by Sept 1st)      $440.00 per month   (Pro Rated June $196.00)

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